Just had to jump back in with another rant on conserving water, if you didn’t see my first take at this please check out my previous post save the water. Today I saw a video with a headline “oceans will be filled with more plastic than fish by 2050,” I didn’t have time to watch the video, but if I do get a chance and it’s good I’ll post it here. The topic of¬†water pollution and water waste are very serious and time sensitive and something we take very seriously at Idealize La. It is both a local problem and global problem and something I think we should all individually strive to make positive impacts at. I want to share another great way to reduce your water consumption whether in LA or anywhere else in the world.¬†Todays way to save is by conserving your pool water, whether to evaporation or simply waste. Many of us have pools or know someone who does. In my opinion I think pools are to a large extent unnecessary, but that doesn’t change the fact that many people have them and that a lot of people waste a lot of water because of them. I learned this a long time ago because a friends dad owns a pool remodel company in Phoenix, and he took the topic of wasting water very seriously, you can check his company out at poolremodelphoenix.org, to see some of the stuff they do. I asked him to give me a few good ideas for people to help people reduce the amount of water they waste annually. So here are a few things he told me that you can employ yourself or share with someone that you know owns a pool that will save water and money.


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I just want to rant real quick about something that has bothered me for so long and something I think we need to re-examine. The word sustainability. It’s a popular word that is being thrown around in the green movement community and around the world in reference to being environmentally friendly, and in many universities has even become a field of study. But my question is, what the hell is sustainability? It’s becoming very evident that our world is driving itself off a cliff environmentally, so are we suppose to sustain that, or just come to some solution that can be sustained environmentally? I understand the thought process..lets finally do something that we can sustain longterm, but I think that is really limiting thinking. Why should we just be getting by and sustaining? Instead I think we should thrive. How about “thrive-ability”?

Lets create a system that constantly enhances the planet, and continually betters itself and not just sustains.


Just my thoughts…sorry to rant.

Save The Water!

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Nobody is ignorant to the water scarcity we experience here in LA, and the overall consideration we must give to every resource we consume. With frequent electrical outages and water shortages it’s imperative we all stay conscious about how much we use, and how often we use it. Just recently I experienced a constant leak in my downstairs bathroom. It was just an occasional drip, but I knew long term it was amounting to a significant amount of water. A friend recommended I call this water damage company out of Phoenix, because they do free home inspections for leaks and water damage in your home. Apparently they do a significant amount of business here in the bay area, because many of the homes have old piping, and leaks as a result. The representative who came out for the company was awesome and super down to earth. After he inspected my runny faucet, and fixed the problem free of charge, which I thought was awesome, we began chatting. He told me that I would be shocked by how many people have similar leaks in their home but never do anything about it. They simply let it run for months and usually years without every doing anything about it. He said the amount of water wasted just in the bay area was more water than certain small countries even had access to. He said inefficiencies in residential plumbing are resulting in massive water waste here in California and throughout the country.