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Nobody is ignorant to the water scarcity we experience here in LA, and the overall consideration we must give to every resource we consume. With frequent electrical outages and water shortages it’s imperative we all stay conscious about how much we use, and how often we use it. Just recently I experienced a constant leak in my downstairs bathroom. It was just an occasional drip, but I knew long term it was amounting to a significant amount of water. A friend recommended I call this water damage company out of Phoenix, because they do free home inspections for leaks and water damage in your home. Apparently they do a significant amount of business here in the bay area, because many of the homes have old piping, and leaks as a result. The representative who came out for the company was awesome and super down to earth. After he inspected my runny faucet, and fixed the problem free of charge, which I thought was awesome, we began chatting. He told me that I would be shocked by how many people have similar leaks in their home but never do anything about it. They simply let it run for months and usually years without every doing anything about it. He said the amount of water wasted just in the bay area was more water than certain small countries even had access to. He said inefficiencies in residential plumbing are resulting in massive water waste here in California and throughout the country.

Even though most of us are probably aware of it, when he started breaking down how much, it really gets you thinking. This company is awesome and that part of why I am giving them a shoutout, because these guys will inspect a home free of charge, to make sure it doesn’t have leaks or any damage related to water leaks. From doing this, they have fixed minor plumbing inefficiency in over a thousand homes. The gentlemen said most of the time it’s an easy fix that a homeowner can perform, but more times than not they never tend to the leak, which is why this company has set out to help. Obviously they create a lot of work for themselves when they discover a home that needs restoration services, but nonetheless they are making a big impact in reducing the amount of water wasted here in California and in Arizona.

Water is a huge commodity regardless of how cheap it currently is. We all know California has made efforts in preserving this water with their whole black water balls on the reservoir initiative. However many of us don’t understand our individual impact we make day-to-day. Most of us don’t realize it but there will most likely come a time when water is the most valuable commodity on planet earth. Even though it is abundant, we are using it alarming rates. The evidence of the scarcity is becoming evident with recent purchases of water reservoirs by large corporations like Nestle. In fact there is currently a huge race to purchase up as much fresh water as possible by large corporations. What will the masses do when all fresh water is corporately owned? We will probably wish we were not so wasteful with it when it was publicly provided this cheap. There are so many easy ways you can make an impact when it comes to water conservation. Here are just a few suggestions to help get you started.

  1. Track how long your average shower is, and try and shave 3-5 minutes off
  2. Make sure you have no leaks in your home (look at your water bill, and make sure there are no spikes, normally a good indicator)
  3. For gods sake please don’t brush your teeth with the water on.
  4. Don’t wait for the water temperature to be just right, hop in before its all the way warmed up.

These few things can make a big difference in how much water you individually consume, and image if everyone implemented these simple practices. One persons efforts can go a long way!

Thanks for reading…now go fix your faucet! 🙂

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