Who you? Here’s me!

Idealize La is a culmination of forward minded thinkers trying to make an impact on the larger population. By seeking to inform the masses about the current conditions of LA and the world, we hope to inspire change in the way we eat, produce electricity, talk to each other, and see the world. The world is a big place, and we understand there are a lot of independent interests to be accounted for, but there are larger interests to be considered that have been overlooked for too long….the earths, and the mass consciousness of the human race. We hope that by joining us here occasionally, you can be inspired to recognize the shared interests of all humans, and not just the independent interests of ones self. We do not believe people are inherently selfish, but we recognize that we must break through the veil of the individual ego in all of us. Stand together…or we inevitably stand apart.


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