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I just want to rant real quick about something that has bothered me for so long and something I think we need to re-examine. The word sustainability. It’s a popular word that is being thrown around in the green movement community and around the world in reference to being environmentally friendly, and in many universities has even become a field of study. But my question is, what the hell is sustainability? It’s becoming very evident that our world is driving itself off a cliff environmentally, so are we suppose to sustain that, or just come to some solution that can be sustained environmentally? I understand the thought process..lets finally do something that we can sustain longterm, but I think that is really limiting thinking. Why should we just be getting by and sustaining? Instead I think we should thrive. How about “thrive-ability”?

Lets create a system that constantly enhances the planet, and continually betters itself and not just sustains.


Just my thoughts…sorry to rant.

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